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Migrate to Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Moving to Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables organizations to transform the way they do business by empowering them to accelerate their speed of doing business, freeing them from the constraints of on-premises data centers, and providing the flexibility to pay only for what they use.

Migration is the beginning of what is possible with AWS adoption and cloud capabilities.
Looking at a migration as an organizational change project helps you generate buy-in across your organization and maintain communications through each stage of the process. Build abusiness case and refine the ROI as the project progresses. Identify specific roles and
responsibilities for your migration team members, and familiarize them with the 5-phase
Migration Process and Six Common Migration Strategies to set your organization up for success. You will then be prepared to transform the way your company does business, and realize the benefits of cloud adoption on AWS.

You will learn about:

  • How cloud adoption can deliver significant business benefits.
  • The most important questions that will help your organization build a successful cloud business case.
  • What is the Five-Phase Migration Process.
  • "The 6 Rs" Six common migration strategies.

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