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New Co-funded Program for Migrating SAP to the AWS Cloud

This collaboration between FORTE CLOUD and AWS brings a unique mixture of offering and services by providing support, training, and service credits to enterprises looking to adopt their SAP ERP on the AWS cloud.


10 Industries That Can Benefit From The Cloud

Cloud Technology is the talk of the town, these days. From communication to data storage and networking to application development, cloud computing is considered a great blessing for every business.


Why Move To The Cloud!

Cloud computing becoming the future for various websites and apps, and it’s expected to become more and more popular with apps and small business. If you have small business, it’s better for you to change from traditional computing to cloud computing.


The Power of Next-Gen Cloud Managed Services And Why Need it for Business Success?

Nowadays businesses need to achieve faster time to value, minimize the Total Cost of Ownership and maximize the benefits of running SAP solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS). FORTE CLOUD Managed Services can help you and as well to support you to focus on your business digital transformation and innovation.

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Accelerate Your Business Innovation With SAP on AWS

Cloud-based SAP systems usually require much lower up-front costs due to the absence of any significant IT expenses such as hardware and support staff. Unlike on-premise solutions, the primary up-front and recurring cost is the periodic subscription fee for software hosted on remote third-party servers and accessed online.

Juhayna Saves $200,000 a Year by Moving SAP from On-premise to the AWS Cloud